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“With song titles like, ‘Wino’ and ‘Before the Trash Truck Comes,’ Bob Frank’s 1972 self-titled album probably wasn’t kicking around your parents’ Beatles and Rolling Stones-heavy vinyl collections (if it is, see if you can snag it from them; it’s a collector’s item now). But with strains of Johnny Cash, John Prine, and even Peter, Paul, and Mary, Bob Frank wrote utterly compelling 70s folk rock, which is not a sentence I’d string together very often. A living legend you’ve never heard of, seeing him perform in these intimate venues seems like a tremendous opportunity.” — “Selected Things”



Upcoming Gigs:




Friday, Jan 26, Bob will be at the Desert Rose in Phoenix. 


Saturday, Jan 27, at the Songwriters’ Convention at the Peoria Library in Peoria during the day, and that evening, at Barbara’s Place in Tolleson, for a CD release party for two new Bob Frank CD’s, Squeeze It Easy and By the Light of the Lamp. Songwriters’ jam afterwards.


Sunday, Jan 28, at Waddell’s Longhorn Restaurant, for the West Valley Country Western Assn.




Here’s the Grandfather of Grunge, playing his famous song, “Vivian O’Blivion,” at a live performance in Memphis, TN, at The Otherlands, on South Cooper, June, 2015.

“Anti-social, inappropriate, politically incorrect —

That’s what you get from a guy like me. What else did you expect?”




If you want to book Bob somewhere, or buy a CD from him, or use his music in a movie or tv show, or co-write a song with him, go to the Contact page on this site and contact his elusive ass.

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