“With song titles like, ‘Wino’ and ‘Before the Trash Truck Comes,’ Bob Frank’s 1972 self-titled album probably wasn’t kicking around your parents’ Beatles and Rolling Stones-heavy vinyl collections (if it is, see if you can snag it from them; it’s a collector’s item now). But with strains of Johnny Cash, John Prine, and even Peter, Paul, and Mary, Bob Frank wrote utterly compelling 70s folk rock, which is not a sentence I’d string together very often. A living legend you’ve never heard of, seeing him perform in these intimate venues seems like a tremendous opportunity.” — “Selected Things”


Upcoming Gigs:

October 1 & 2, 2016 — The 38th Annual Sharlot Hall Folk Music Festival — Prescott, Arizona



Here’s the Grandfather of Grunge, playing his famous song, “Vivian O’Blivion,” at a live performance in Memphis, TN, at The Otherlands, on South Cooper, June, 2015.

“Anti-social, inappropriate, politically incorrect — that’s what you get from a guy like me. What else did you expect?”


If you want to book Bob somewhere, or buy a CD from him, or use his music in a movie or tv show, or co-write a song with him, go to the Contact page on this site and contact his elusive ass.

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2 thoughts on “GIGS

  1. Bob Fisher

    sorry I can’t be in Memphis to hear you but I know you will be great. If you every get to Pensacola I hope you will get intouch.
    Bob Fisher

  2. Mark Wahlberg

    The magic of the internet helps this long time fan find buried treasure.
    Living as i do down here in the far faraway land of New Zealand. I first heard vanguard as a 23 year old back in 1973 and it mesmerised me. i traded some weed for the album and dam near wore the groves off. Loved it to death as they say. Time and tide saw the album disappear 5 years later and i mourned its passing with 35 years in the wilderness.
    Cutting to the chase i was in a salvation Army recycling shop in Palmerston North NZ a month ago and there was Bob Frank staring up at me out of the pile of old records and he was wearing that look and beard I had never forgot. Looking for someone to put the songs from vanguard onto a cd finds me here. Now I’m believing there must be a Santa Clause after all..

    Bob Frank you changed my life with one LP. Its been a hell of a ride. Thank You.

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