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Sad Bastards Club

Bob will be playing at the monthly meeting of the Sad Bastards Club, Monday, Nov 20, at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco, along with Tom Heyman, Andrew Cervantes and Lane Murchison. Come one, come all, or your children will reproach you in later life for such an uncalled-for lack in their education!


Upcoming gigs in Arizona

Friday, Jan 26, Bob will be at the Desert Rose in Phoenix. 

Saturday, Jan 27, at the Songwriters’ Convention at the Peoria Library in Peoria during the day, and that evening, at Barbara’s Place in Tolleson, for a CD release party for two new Bob Frank CD’s, Squeeze It Easy and By the Light of the Lamp. (See below.)        Songwriters’ jam afterwards.

Sunday, Jan 28, at Waddell’s Longhorn Restaurant, for the West Valley Country Western Assn.


New CD’s

Squeeze It Easy

Bob finally finished this CD, which he recorded at Chuck Giamalvo’s studio in Tolleson, AZ. It’s another collection of Bob Frank songs, but a couple of them are co-writes, such as the beautiful border ballad, “Anna Maria”, which Bob co-wrote with Paul Compton, in Memphis. Produced by Chuck Giamalvo.

By the Light of the Lamp

Bob finally finished this CD, too. It was also recorded at Chuck’s studio, and is a rather unique album. It’s all old songs, written back in the late 60’s-early 70′. These are the songs Bob played at that infamous gig at Max’s Kansas City for the release of the ’72 Vanguard album… Yep. These are the songs that got Bob thrown off Vanguard…. they were too gentle. Vanguard only wanted to hear the songs on that were on that album, what Bob called “degenerate shit.” You gotta add this one to your collection, just to round it out. Keep it true to life. Produced by Chuck Giamalvo.

Arizona Rose

Bob is recording another CD at John Mahoney’s Ravenpheat Studio, in Glendale, AZ. This one is all new songs — oh, except for a couple of numbers that were recorded previously, but in a somewhat altered state… So Bob wants to re-record them, in their original condition. That is, the way they were originally written. Also, a song that Paul Compton, in Memphis, wrote a long time ago… “My Middle Name Is Trouble.” The sad tale of marijuana, and the damage done. “So I sat alone for the next 30 days, while they enjoyed my stash.” The cops, that is… This song sounds so much like a Bob Frank song, Bob thinks he wrote it himself. But actually, Paul wrote it. Back around 1970. Gotta hear it. Authentic stuff. No shit.


A documentary of Bob is being made by Isaac Pingree now. Should be done in a few months. What will become of it is undetermined. Sort of like Bob himself…


Here’s some strong praise for Bob’s songs and CD’s, written by Roy Peak, a remarkable songwriter himself:


Bob has a new CD out now, Twilight in Tolleson. This one is a collection of 12 songs that Bob co-wrote with Chuck Giamalvo, in Tolleson, Arizona. Chuck produced it, and it’s a totally different sound for Bob than you’ve heard on any of his other CD’s. The songs are different from what Bob usually writes, more straight up country and pop from a timeless place. His guitar and vocals are super strong on this one. The accompaniment is just right, toned down, laid back, no wasted licks, no unnecessary shenanigans. Just good, tasty music. Buy it now from, or order it direct from Bob.


Dec. 22, 2015 — Live interview with Bob by John Braughton, on “Retrospectives,” 3SER Casey Radio, 97.7 FM, in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s the raw, unedited version. 


See raw footage of Bob, captured live, high on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River! “Live at 9,” Channel 3, Memphis.


Bob’s Vanguard album is included in this collection of “50 Classic LP’s recorded in Gnashville” back in the day.


Light in the Attic has finally released the first-ever reissue of Bob’s 1972 Vanguard album, Bob Frank. Check out this review in Record Collector. And don’t miss these interviews on The Bay Bridged and Read and Hear.

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