Catalog of Bob Frank CD’s & Singles

Love Turns the Wheel — single, digital download only.

Twilight in Tolleson

Bob Frank, Vanguard, 1972

Brinkley, Arkansas, & Other Assorted Love Songs 

World Without End

Keep on Burning

Red Neck, Blue Collar

Ride the Restless Wind

Pledge of Allegiance

A Little Gest of Robin Hood

Plus, you  can get discs (CDR’s) of a never-released production of Bob called “The Scenic Route.” This is only for those whose taste in music has progressed (or degenerated, depending on one’s point of view) to the outré, the outrageous, the unique and the unusual. For more information on this little gem, contact Bob:

         redwood tree

Here’s Bob himself, planting redwood trees in the creek behind his house. A thousand years from now, when he comes back through here, he’ll check on ’em and see how they’re doing.


9 thoughts on “Catalog of Bob Frank CD’s & Singles

  1. J.W.Sharp

    would like to find chords & lyrics to a couple of Bob Frank songs. where to look?

  2. Which songs are you looking for, J.W.?

  3. victor gehle

    I want the 1972 vanguard albun

  4. Victor, if all I’ve heard from Vanguard is true, you will soon be able to buy that album, on vinyl as well as CD. They’re reissuing it for the first time ever on a label called “Light in the Attic.” Not sure when it will be out, but sometime this year…. hide and watch.

  5. steve burton

    I would like to find the chords to “6 Bucks A Day” ive looked all over the net and only found lyrics…. I love bobs song writeing. Buck Skin Lady, and Horses and Cattle, are two of my alltime favorite songs.
    Thanks Bob!!

  6. sheila lanham

    Love to know where to buy your cds. I have looked for yrs. So happy to find you Sheila

  7. Meg Smith

    I just found my old copy of the first album, bought shortly after it’s release and we have transferred it to digital. Absolutely amazing, I had forgotten how wonderful this album is. Now I have found this website and more Bob Frank music. This album has been a special family treasure with many of the songs being part of family sing along with my brother on guitar. Thank you.

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