Ride the Restless Wind



He’s a masterful songwriter and very striking vocalist whose songs have been recorded by numerous vocalists and groups, yet Bob Frank is another of those names well respected among musicians and generally unknown to the broader audience. Some of that may be due to a limited catalog, something that makes any of his releases a newsworthy event. His newest is Ride The Restless Wind (Bowstring), and it has 12 songs that range from great story tunes like “Monroe, Louisiana, Pipeliners’ Brawl” to “Luther Brown” and “Painted Arrow.” There are also numbers with equal parts humor and irony such as “Within A Few Degrees” and the tune “Buckskin Lady” that’s been covered by among others Chris Ledoux and the Starlite Ramblers. Frank’s pieces are always highly literate, superbly crafted and frequently provocative. They’re far too witty and original to get much radio airplay, but they shouldn’t be missed by anyone seeking smart, well performed and entertaining music that’s neither dry nor predictable. — Ron Wynn, Nashville City Paper

Sample: “Holy Ground”

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Ride the Restless Wind

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Ride the Restless Wind

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