Live, at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco

The lyrics of this song were written on the battlefield by Dylan Hartsfeld, a soldier from North Carolina who served two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and then came home and got murdered by a cop in his own back yard.



Here’s one about Jackpine Mary, the legendary cowgirl from Williams Lake, B.C., on her wild ride through the aspens, when a grizzly bear was chasing her.


The whole live show is now available from Tall Cotton Productions. Filmed by Jeffery Haas of Deep Freeze Films, it’s one of the few live videos of Bob anyone has ever seen.

4 thoughts on “Live, at the Hotel Utah, San Francisco”

  1. I don’t know, Marcus. I’d like to. I have some people booking me now, out of Austin, and they are looking into things like that. They booked me at Osage, Missouri…. that’s as close as I’ll get at this point. But that’s not til next June. June 14, at Pick’s Gallery, Osage, Missouri.

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