If you’re in the U.S., all the CDs cost $15.00, that’s $12.00 for the CD and $3.00 for shipping.

However, if you’re outside the U.S, then it’s $25.00, because International Shipping is $14.00. Sorry about that.

The Vanguard lp is $25.00 inside the U.S., and $35.00, outside the U.S., because it’s an lp.

If you want to buy more than one CD, email me,, because, up to a certain point, the shipping cost will not go up. It gets complicated.

To buy the CDs, simply scroll down on the drop-down menu under Buy CDs, and select the one you’re interested in. All the info is right there.

Ps. You can buy all of these CDs at (and probably on Amazon and other outlets) except for Brinkley, Arkansas, and Other Assorted Love Songs and The Scenic Route. Those two you can probably only get from me.


“Love Turns the Wheel” — Single. Digital only.

Buy it online from CD Baby.


The Scenic Route, lost album from the files of Bob Frank, read all about it. Then buy it! Be the first in your neighborhood to own this rare collectible!