By the Light of the Lamp


This a tribute album to Bob’s wife, Deirdre, who was his roommate, friend and lover for 44 years, from 1970 to 2014. These are some of the songs he wrote when they were first together, two hippies, riding around the country in a van, casting horoscopes and writing songs, with cats, a baby, and a bag of weed.

They’re also the songs that got Bob thrown off Vanguard, back in 1972, when he played them at Max’s Kansas City in New York, instead of the songs he was supposed to be playing, the ones that were actually on the album. It was the release party for that album, but Bob didn’t know a release party from a hole in the ground. He figured people would rather hear these songs than the ones on the album.



Bag of Beans



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By the Light of the Lamp

Inside the U.S.



By the Light of the Lamp

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