Pledge of Allegiance

“This music is that rare slice of Americana that gets passed over these days by too many hurried folks.  It’s that breath of authentic fresh air mixed with serendipity — like happening upon a forgotten coffee house and discovering a genuine troubadour inside who isn’t afraid to sing about what’s really on everybody’s mind.  He understands the sentiments of the average Joe because he is one.  Unlike society, the troubadour hasn’t changed his ways in all these years, he’s merely become more seasoned in the experience.  Such is Bob Frank’s Pledge of Allegiance CD.  The payoff is like running across some treasure we’d once enjoyed and then set aside.  Now we recall how much we’ve missed it.”  — Hoover, “The Lost Outlaw.”


“Frank’s ‘pledge’ has nothing to do with blind allegiance to his country. It’s a pledge to what he obviously feels a more personal loyalty to — the working class that made that country great.”  — Bill Glahn, Community Free Press

Sample: “One Big Family”

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Pledge of Allegiance

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Pledge of Allegiance

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