Squeeze It Easy

Squeeze cover, square

A rousing collection of story songs, told only as Bob Frank can tell ’em. The high adventures of black cowboys, Mexican maidens, Vietnam vets, desert ghost towns, cheap motels, one night stands, dope smokin’ bronc riders, childhood friends, and the old rebel soldier. Oh, and invisible paint!

Bob does it all with just his voice and a guitar. Well, in a couple of them, there’s another guitar or two and some heavenly female backup vocals, but for the most part, it’s just Bob and his shadow. Bob and his guitar. Bob and his west coast girl.

While you’re here, listen to this one. It’s the border ballad, “Anna Maria,” the first cut on this new album.

Anna Maria

Buy it now. Even if you don’t like it. No point in all of us going home disappointed.


Squeeze It Easy

Inside the U.S.



Squeeze It Easy

Outside the U.S.



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