Love Is Hard to Find

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This is nine of Bob’s songs, recorded at Closer Recording in San Francisco, back in 2006. Produced by Tim Mooney (Great American Music Club) and John Murry (A Short History of Decay), with a cast of excellent musicians, it’s a great collection of timeless love songs that will never grow old. Plus, it’s the only record we have of Bob playing an electric guitar! (A Telecaster.) Here’s the old folk singer himself, singing soft rock love songs, with a full band behind him and backup singers. You’ll think he’s a regular Smokey Robinson — minus the Miracles. No shit, this is the prettiest CD Bob ever made. That’s Bob’s opinion on that!


These are actually the songs that Bob wrote and sang on Brinkley, Arkansas, and Other Assorted Love Songs, a CD of Bob and John Murry, that was released in 2009.

Here’s a sample of what’s on it:

Just to Be with You

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Love Is Hard to Find

Inside the US.


Love Is Hard to Find

Outside the US.