Other Artists Singing Bob Frank Songs



“Red Neck, Blue Collar”

— sung by Jim Dickinson, on his CD Jungle Jim and the Voodoo Tiger, Memphis International, 2006. He’s joined here by his usual cast of characters, including his sons, Luther and Cody of the North Mississippi Allstars. Jim recorded several of Bob’s songs. For awhile there, he was putting one on every album he made. He knew more about Bob’s songs than Bob did.



“Leave My Jack Daniels Alone”

— sung by Gary McMahan, on his CD, Goin’ My Way?, Horseapple Records, 2009. Gary is a World Champion Yodeler and cowboy singer out of Bellvue, Colorado, famous for songs like “The Best Cowboys Ain’t Always Human.” He also wrote “The Old Double Diamond,” which has become a cowboy classic.





“The Murder of Dylan Hartsfeld”

— sung by John Murry. The true story of Dylan Hartsfeld, a U.S. Army vet who returned home from back-to-back tours, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then got killed by a cop in his own back yard. Bob and Dylan had swapped emails when Dylan was in Afghanistan. Dylan had grown up listening to Bob’s Vanguard album. His dad, Bill, was an old fan from the ’70’s, so Dylan wanted Bob to send some of the new CD’s to his dad, back in North Carolina. Pretty soon, Bill and Bob were talking on the phone. Turned out, Bill had been in the Nam too, so they had some long talks about that. Then, a couple of years later, Bill called Bob and told him what had happened to Dylan. He wanted Bob to write a song about it. So after awhile, Bob came up with these lyrics. He showed them to John Murry, and John leapt off the bench and started singing them to a tune of his own. Eventually, John went into a studio down on Whiskey Shoot in Memphis, and with the help of Kevin Cubbins, made this earth shaking record.



bobinnamBob in the Nam, 1968.





“The Buckskin Lady”

— sung by the Starlite Ramblers. The Ramblers were a popular bar band in Colorado back in the early ’80’s, and this song was one of their main numbers. People called it “the Colorado national anthem.” In 1981, the Ramblers made a live album at Apple’s in Longmont, Colorado, and “put it down on vinyl for good.”





 — performed by  JPT Scareband on their CD, Past is Prologue (2001). Here’s a little news on that group, from Jeff Littrell, their drummer:

“Great to hear from you, Frank. Since we last communicated, we have put out a couple more CDs on our own little Kung Bomar Records label and then in 2010, we got signed to a new indie label in California called, Ripple Music. They released a new album as both a CD and a double gatefold, double 12” vinyl LP called Acid Blues Is The White Man’s Burden.

 Regardless, we remain obscure, yet well loved by a small band of fanatic freak followers from all over the planet.”

Well, that’s something Bob can relate to — the old “cult following.” Sounds like something mysterious and cool. Actually, it just means you only have 6 fans.


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